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Chairman’s Desk


Dr.A.Gunasingh Emmanuel M.A., B.L., Ph.D.,

Chairman & Correspondent.

Royal Educational Institutions have been established with the great vision and mission to impart professional education of international standards and to produce globally competitive students and attaining excellence in the education field.

We are dedicated to the delivery of course which have a strong emphasis on modern Vocational skills.

It is our belief that personality of student is groomed by the environment he/she lives in. We provide a healthy and disciplined environment that ensures quality education and personality development through a host of extra curricular activities. All these are possible, only in a Residential Institutions like ours.

We are providing in our Institution the state-of-the-art Instructional facilities, a team of well experience and well qualified teaching staff, as well as extra curricular and training program’s for the students to develop their personality and individual talents and to help them learn to succeed the life.

We assure you the best and welcome to our Royal Educational Institutions.

We hope and trust that ” The LORD will show you Marvelous Things “